Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A sad day!

Well, Radovan Karadzic has finally been caught!

The left are having fits of euphoria, running all the old anti-Serb propaganda, talking of the innocent Muslims, and the nasty Serbs!

They have already condemned Mr Karadzic, even though they insist he will face a trial! Why? The result is already known, they will find him guilty! He opposed elite liberal opinion, he stood by his own people, he waged a war for the survival of the Serbs in Bosnia, and for this, he will be found guilty.

The left don't care if you kill people or have responsibility for thousands or millions of deaths, the only care why you killed them! If, you killed them to return your country to a year zero, or if you killed people to redistribute property or just killed those who opposed you, they don't care, as long as you are a lefty, as long as you have signed up to all the trendy modern causes, they will give you a pass!

If, on the other hand, you fight for your ethnic group, against another ethnic group who also are of a different religion, and you do it for ethnic, national and religious reasons, then any deaths resulting are evil! Look at the difference in treatment between the rulers of China, Vietnam and South Africa on the one side and the Christian Lebanese, Bosnian Serbs, Russians and Kosovan Serbs on the other!

There seems to be a pattern, if you are white, and you fight against blacks then the whites are evil, Rhodesia, Apartheid South Africa and Darfur are examples of this, if you are 'ethnic', but you are Christian and are fighting the Muslims, (Same colour) then it's the Christians you are baddies, the Maronite Christians and Armenians are in this category.

If both are white but one side is Muslim, then they become the default 'goodies' in the MSM and among western governments, who, never missing an opportunity to fuck their own up the arse in favour of Muslims, will align themselves to our enemies!

The MSM reaction to the capture of Mr Karadzic is perverse, as was the treatment of the Serbs in the Yugoslavian wars of the 1990s. We were told day after day, week after week that the Serbs had started the wars, that they were purposefully continuing the wars and were the only ones killing 'innocents'.

And most of us believed it!

Well it is now known that Chechens, Afghans, Iranians and other Muslims were in Bosnia fighting the Serbs, that they would viciously murder the Serbs they captured, video it and use it in pro-Islamic propaganda. Hizbollah, Al Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood were in Bosnia, funded not only by their own people, but by Western governments, especially the British and American governments!

Now, I'm sure most of us are quite used to knowing our governments are at best whores, and at worst traitors, but surely this is unbelievable? That the British and American governments were sending money to Iran so that they could fund Hizbollah who were murdering Christian Serbs in Bosnia!

So in effect we were funding Hisbollah! Through our taxes!

But of course, it's always the cartoon baddies that the MSM goes after, never after the traitors in our governments (well, they wouldn't, would they)

And what is ironic, is that we may have to look for many Mr Karadzics in the West to ethnically cleanse us of all the hordes of minorities who reside here and are still coming in!

Who will look the fool then?

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