Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now the fat are 'victims'!!!

When will this non-sense stop?

Well, some lard buts have decided to follow on the coat tails of the rest of the 'diversity' gravy train and demand similar hate laws that would prevent 'discrimination' against fatties in the workplace, on airplanes or out and about. Apparently a new cartoon about lazy fatties has them enraged!

'WALL-E has garnered rave reviews for its satire on consumer culture, in which future humans are depicted as a group of obese gluttons who never leave their padded floating arm chairs.

But one group is not amused - the swelling ranks of fat pride groups, who believe the film propagates anti-obesity hysteria comparable with the quest for the perfect body by the eugenics movement in Nazi Germany. '

Fat Pride? Who would be proud to be fat? And see how they are trying to compare themselves to the Jews? See how us making fun of fatties is suddenly as bad as the Holocaust?

'Fighters for fat rights are calling for legislation to ban weight discrimination in the workplace, denouncing airlines that demand they buy two seats and car manufacturers whose seat belts are too small. '

So, Instead of these fat lard arses paying for 2 seats, I have got to be crushed by their flab if I'm unlucky enough to get seated next to them? Fuck them, all they have to do is stop eating so much shit! Then they have the cheek to demand legislation to prevent doctors demanding that they lose some weight before and operation! Are these people stupid as well?

A large human blob, Ms Wann, the head of the Fat Pride group, condemns the cartoon saying, "It's the classic stereotype that fat people are stupid, smelly, lazy, disgusting and out of control.'

Uhhh, yeah, well fat people ARE stupid, smelly, lazy, disgusting and obviously out of control! That's how they got fat in the first place!!!

I have had the opportunity to be near some fatties in my time, most were smelly due to the folds of fat that they can't wash properly, they are obviously not very active, or they would not be fat, it does seem disgusting to allow one's self to get that big and that gross by eating pretty much non stop for years!

Fatties don't get fat in a fortnight, it takes years of effort, well, years of idleness. Surely it is to be expected?

So, The fatties can go on all they like about 'discrimination', hate speech etc, it does not change the fact that they are lazy, stupid, disgusting and out of control!

All they have to do to lose some weight is eat less shit, eat less overall and walk now and then!


Film: WALL-E

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