Friday, August 15, 2008

Russia and the 'Free World'

George Bush has declared that Russia's actions in Georgia has damaged it's relations with the 'Free World', hmmmmm!

The same Free World where it's governments unleash millions of third world savages on their own people?

The same Free World where the indigenous peoples are banned from objecting to this third world invasion, sponsored by it's governments, and threatened with persecution and imprisonment if they do oppose it?

The same Free World where half of our incomes are stolen by those very same states, much of it to pay for the health, lodgings, employment (or more often unemployment) and education of the same third world invaders?

The same Free World where we are told we have the power to 'change things', when in fact all we have is different versions of the same political prostitutes who are selling their peoples down the river?

Well, if that is the Free World, I want nothing to do with it, Although Russia is not perfect, at least their leaders don't sell their people down the river for a quick buck, at least they don't steal half their incomes to pay for a third world invasion of African and Islamic savages, which they then unleash against their people!

We are being lied to, we are being whored out for the benefit of these political pimps, the same ones who now condemn Russia for protecting their own people, I know who I would rather have rule me!

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