Sunday, August 10, 2008

Russophobia and Gerorgia

So, when the Serbs try to reassert their authority over land that is theirs, in fact the historic heart of their nation and chase out the invaders, that is evil and NATO must then bomb the shit out of the Serbs to prevent them to recapture their land!

When Georgia does the very same in Ossetia and the Russians take the place of NATO, then it is Russia that is the bad guy?

So George Bush condemns Russia for 'violating' the territorial sovereignty of Georgia, right! What happened in Iraq in 2003?

What happened in Vietnam in the sixties and seventies?

Did Vietnam or Iraq kill American troops in Kuwait or the Gulf of Tonkin?

Russia borders Georgia, the Ossetians wants nothing to do with Georgia and would prefer to be absorbed by Russia, the Georgians under the insane Saakashvilli attacked Ossetia and Russia responded.

Russia did not 'invade' Georgia as many western papers stated, the retaliated against a cocky Georgia.

Perhaps Saakashvilli thought the Americans would ride to his aid? Perhaps he thought the Russians would stand by and let him humiliate them, he was wrong!

Russia is in the right, perhaps they will use this to crush Georgia and overthrow Saakashvilli, well he can't say it's not partly his fault, can he?

With the Ukraine now making unhelpful statements regarding the Russian naval bases in the Crimea, it seems this may turn into something more dangerous, I hope the Ukrainians are only sabre rattling, because they would not be best serve with a war with Russia.

I am amazed at the naked hatred of Russia I have seen in 'conservative' blogs over the past two days, it seems one rule for us, another for Russia, apparently Russia must swallow all defeats and humiliations without comeback, whilst we, in the west must right every wrong and 'free' all peoples, even against their will! This is arrogance of the highest kind, it is Russia to which we should be looking for hope and protection, it is Russia that has successfully fought and beat Muslims in the recent past, not us, it is Russia that has some of the worlds largest energy reserves, not us, it is Russia that is seeing a Christian renaissance and a rediscovery of it's past, not us!

America seems weak now, it is divided and bankrupt, it's armies are broken and overstretched, it has lost its way in the 'war on terror' and like the rest of the west is being swamped by invading immigrants, Russia is strong, it is Russia we need to look to now, antagonising them now would be a folly of historic proportions.


Thorum said...

I agree that Russia was fully justified. I am embarassed by my government's comments and actions (USA). Can you imagine a world with Russia and the West as close allies? Too good to be true. It sure would be a much more stable and less Muslim influenced place. Maybe someday we will wake up and realize that Russia is our friend, not enemy!!

A Free Man said...

I agree, although, I think the people who run your country and who run mine, are complete fucking idiots! We would be better ruled by babies!

It's unreal the level of ignorance and stupidity at our supposed 'highest' level of governments!

Russia should be our ally, although when was the last time our governments were our allies?