Saturday, June 11, 2005


When will this moron Gordon Brown realise that his campaign to end African debt is just what Mugabe and his ilk want to hear. I bet these Africans are rubbing their hands with glee, panting at the thought of billions of pounds more for their bloated bank accounts in Zurich.
Is Gordon Brown thick? naive? or is he cynically taking advantage of this emotional issue (emotional that is for us weak willed westerners) to curry favour with potential voters? We all know he wants to be Prime Minister.
I dont know, if he is being cynical, fine, go ahead Brown, but please don't really pump our money in to Africa.
Brown has actually said that we should raise a tax for Africa! That just makes me want to scream, get a gun and start a rebellion, shooting as many pacifists, socialists and charity workers as I could.
As I have said before, let Africa drown in its own shit, it has received 550 billion pounds in the last 50 years in aid, and it has made no difference.
Lets be honest, we are NOT responsible for Africa's problems, the Africans are. The sooner we realise that they are ripping us off, the sooner we can end ALL aid and cut our over burdensome tax.

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