Sunday, June 05, 2005

Is Africa worth fighting for?

Apparently Tony Blair has said that 'Africa is worth fighting for, Europe in it's present form is'nt', this is refering to his realisation that the EU constitution is dead and his desire to 'save Africa'.
Why should anyone care about Africa? When they were given their independence in the 60s African nations had everything going for them, they, not us, have fucked things up. It is Africa that is to blame for the woeful state its in.
Aid is a waste of our hard earned money, it goes straight into Swiss bank accounts, Africans refuse to rise up against their corrupt leaders and so are culpable for the chaos in Africa.
When Africa was ruled by whites, it was as civilised as it could get. The colonies were well run, efficient and civil. Famines were rare and there were no civil wars or rampant tribal chaos, Rhodesia was a runaway success, untill Harold Wilson decided to sabotage it, and even then it took Mugabe 20 years to destroy the virtuous effects of white rule.
South Africa will go the same way as Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, the blacks of South Africa are already becoming paranoid and are begining along the road of seizing white property ie; the black empowerment initiative giving all big companies into the hands of blacks who will pillage these companies and begin the end of the relativly wealthy South Africa.
Mark my words in 20 years time there will be no more whites in South Africa and South Africa will be a shit hole just as Zimbabwe is now.
Considering this why bother? Africans are never greatful to the west, they beleive it is their right to grab money from us, that is why so many of them are criminals in the west, they justify being criminal by screaming
'racism' or 'slavery'. Get over it, I say.
Africa is a hole in the ground, the best thing we can do is stop all aid and ban all immigration from Africa for the foreseeable future.
Let them swim in their own shit, and reap the consequences of their own selfishness, corruption, permisivness, complacency and arrogance.

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