Saturday, June 11, 2005

why work when we are taxed to death?

The government has come up with a new brilliant idea to tax us all yet again!
They are going to tax people for driving on public highways. 2p per mile on rural roads and 1.30 for urban roads and motorways. The official line is that they will get rid or lower road tax, yeah right! like they ever lower tax.
It has been estimated that some people could end up paying 16000 pounds per year. How is that sensible, does this government want to finish off private enterprise alltogether. Are these people serious?
Oh and lets go ahead with the Africa tax as well, well why not? hey lets just give all our money to the government and then they can give us an allowance, that sounds progresive, new age 'caring', dont it?
Obviously we dont know how to spend our money do we, no, we spend it on nasty selfish capitalist projects like morgages or shares or private pensions, private educations for our children. How awfully old fashioned is that? How uncaring, how regresive!
The most pitiful thing is that there are no serious political parties advocating tax cuts, the Conservatives were not even promising tax cuts in May's election, they said they would like to cut tax at some point.
Why is no one brave enough to cut tax, cant they see that sucsesfull economies are low tax economies, can't they see that if they really want to raise revenues they should cut tax, as the lower tax is the more money is created and the more money the government gets.
That is what happpened in the 80's under Maggie Thatcher, she cut the percentage of tax taken, therfore more money was spent and invested in the economy and the amount of real revenue taken by the government went up! She spent more on public services then any Labour government spent.
But socialists dont understand basic economics, they assume that the economy is always the same size, they dont realise that there is not a finite amount of money in the world, they cant seem to understand that money reproduces when invested
We need a political party or presure group to explain this to the electorate, if they could understand this basic economic principle, socialism would be finished off as a serious political force. If only!


Frothing said...

This is a rather astute question me thinks. And the answer is:

Get five identities, five council houses and plenty of benfits for each identity. Then rent out the other four council houses on the quiet and you will have an annual tax free income of around £80,000 a year - like those accomplished islamic terrorist who were arrested a couple of weeks ago for the attempted bombings on 21 july.

You won't have to pay any taxes or council tax + you will get free medicines and countless other benefits (many socialist councils are happy to give those on benefits free computers and enless other things).

This is the best solution to this socialist state.

Another answer is get involved in petty crime and get really good at it so that you can avoid the police and you can make a lot of money this way also. Credit card fraud and selling soft drugs is easy money and also fully tax free.

If you would like to work in another profession probably best to leave Europe.

your frothing friend


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