Sunday, June 05, 2005

Argentina votes to try Thatcher

Those bloody Argies have gone too far! Magie a war criminal? Come off it.
The Argentine Congress has voted to try Margaret Thatcher for war crimes, due to her order to sink the Agrentine war ship Belgrano in 1982 during the Falklands war.
She did the bloody right thing, the Belgrano was a war ship, not a hospital ship, it was within the war zone and it was a legitimate target.
She should be seen as a hero not a war criminal, she was the best British Prime Minister since Churchill and the most radical in a century.
She saved Britain from becoming a third world state and made Britain confident again.
In 1982, three years after she became Prime Minister the Facist Regime of General Galtieri in Buenos Aires decided it needed to make itself popular, because the Argentine populace was not in a good mood due to the regimes murder of tens of thousands of opponents of the regime.
so in April 1982 the Agentines invaded the Falkland Islands, territory which had been british since 1812 and inhabited only by British subjects.
Maggie bravely decided to wage war against the aggresors and within two months won back the Falklands from the Facists.
During the fighting in which hundreds of Britons lost their lives Maggie made a decision to sink the Belgrano, an enemy ship to protect British forces which were dangerously exposed.
Now, does this sound like a war crime? Only socialists, who loath Maggie due to her determination to destroy socialism in Britian, would think it is.
If they do manage to seize Maggie and try her, it would be a disgrace, and an insult to a great woman and warrior against communism and all its allies.

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