Sunday, June 05, 2005

European Union

The EU is possibly the most sinister and underhand political union ever devised. Am I wrong? You will say Nazi Germany was worse or the Soviet Union or the Peoples Republic of China, yes?
Well the Nazi's were elected by the people, the Soviets warred against thier enemies untill they had won, as did the Chinnese communists, all three avenues to power were blatant and obvious, one may have not liked the Nazis but you knew that they had been elected, one may have despised the Bolsheviks but you knew when you were under their control.
The EU on the other hand has slowly, almost impercepably, taken control of Europe, twisting its politics and poluting our public discourse. Bit by tiny bit they strip the proud races of Europe of thier soverignty, they slowly but effectivly smear anyone who disagrees with the EU and its entrenched left wingism.
It forces a 'human rights' convention on England, the nation that needs this convention the least since it has always been a refuge for the persecuted. It forces a single currency on the contenant, blind to the modern realities of economics and the free movement of capital and floating exchanges. Its reason for inventing the Euro is to make a political union inevitable, every currency needs a political force behind it to give it legitimacy, and to inspire confidence in the markets.
The cynical EU decided to blackmail the people of Europe, "we have a currency, but no union, if you dont want this currency to colapse you must support a political union, or else"
This same union anounces that it will financially support every political party in the Union! well exept for the extremists! And who does the EU think qualify as extremist? Communists? Trotskyites? Anarchists? Muslim groups? well no, the extremists are those political parties that dont support the EU and its 'values' ie rampant frothing communism!
so the British Conservatives, the French National Front, the Danish People's Party etc will receive no funding. Why because they have committed the cardinal sin of being kinda anti immigrant and anti PC. and the EU has never trusted the people, it is suspicious of the people and their oppinions and intends to rule Europe as benign socialist aristocrats.
However due to the virulent strain of socialism which infects the EU, they intend to finally end the Europe of old, by mass immigration, by the abolishion of the ancient monarchies, and the imposition of a central unelected unaccountable European government. This new Europe will not tolerate freedom of speech or thought, even though officially it supports theses things, but it will be desperate to keep the mullahs and the rest of the savages quiet, so it will regularly be making examples of 'nasty white men' in front of baying crowds of barbarians.
the savages will be the group with the power, all they need to do to get their way is to set off a bomb or set off a series of riots, then of course they blame nasty 'racists' for forcing them to criminality!
That what happened in England a few summers ago, when a bunch of animals beat up a WWII veteran because he was white, then they decided to riot for good measure, its what happened in Holland when that pycho muslim murdered a film director because he made a film critical of Islam!!!
This is the future of Europe

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