Saturday, August 13, 2005

Defence of the West

In defending our selves against the scourge of terrorism we need to keep in mind that, the end justifies the means. This implies that we need to be ready to use, what we would normaly thing as unjustifiable, any force neccisary to protect ourselves and our nations.

The law is one glaring example, we need to make it very clear that only those peoples that fought and strove for freedom deserve it, therefore we could exempt foreigners from our laws and freedoms, because they obviously hate our freedoms and laws, and could not be bothered to fight for their own freedom at home. They are leeching on our freedoms, they dont respect us or our freedoms, they would not fight for them in Afghanistan or Iraq, well, fuck em, strip them of the freedoms we have fought for and continue to fight for.

Blair has talked about getting tough, by passing more laws that will apply to everyone! Perhaps these laws should only apply to muslims? I am hardly likely to detonate myself on a train or a bus! neither is my old gran!

Expulsion should be on the cards, we should be training our armed services in street fighting at home. The riots in the north of England a few summers ago show us that they would fight us, we should treat these ghettos as the americans did Fallujah, surround it, warn people to leave, then storm it and kill everyone inside. imprison those who fled and put them on a flight back to where ever they come from.
Problem solved!

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frothing socialist said...

Good historical point.

Why do we need to defend ourselves?

They will never attack us as we would anihilate them if there was a war. Our technology is vastly superior and our economies are vastly more capable of producing weapons etc. etc.

They do have the right to continue torturing their countrymen as happens in every muslim country and murdering their political opponents. If this is their idea of civilisation I am the last person to condemn them as I am not one to judge those people who have no realtionship to me ( although whether or not there is a relationship is debatable).

The problem comes when we have to defend ourselves against people who come to our country and then start killing us because they don't agree with our most fundamental principles and law ( and lets face it - that is what Islamic extremism is all about, whether or not we had invaded Iraq). The only people who think this kind of behaviour are poeple who have come to this country from another or their parents came here from another country.

Well there is a simple answer to this problem which is blindingly obvious to everyone in the world except liberals from western countries. If they don't like us and want to kill us then don't let them into the country or if they have unfortunately got in, in some way they should be deported to where they came from.

Defence of the West 101 for Dummies.