Saturday, August 13, 2005

London Bombings

The carnage in London on the 7th of July and the attemps on 21st of July as well as the surrounding events are an other example of western limp wristedness in the face of Islamic aggression.
The immediate response of Muslims and their allies was to repeat the worn out phrase "Islam is a religion of peace", and to express concern about a 'backlash' against innocent muslims.
Never mind the 56 people murdered on the tube and a bus, good God no, we must reiterate how wonderful Islam is!!
Why is it Islam continually has to say, 'we are a religion of peace'?, Christians dont do it, Jews dont do it, Hindus dont do it, neither do Bhuddists nor pagans, why is it Islam always does it?
Could it be that they doth protest too much? Could it be that thier religion is not a religion of peace? It makes one wonder, does it not?

Facts about Islam

1. the koran is the only holy book that I have read that justifies and encourages the beating of women

2. the koran is the only holy book that encourages and justifies killing of the infidel in all places at all times

3. the koran encourages and justifies lying to and deceiving your enemy in the cause of Allah, again no other holy text does this

4. Islam is the only religion to have spread through conquest and fear

5. Islam is the root of most of todays conflicts, eg: Isreal, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, South Ossetia, Kashmir, southern Thailand, Borneo, the Mollucas, Irian Jaya, southern Phillipines, Kosovo, Algeria, Egypt, Darfur, Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria etc, it is also the cause of most terrorism.

6. No Islamic nation is wealthy healthy, happy or free.

7. Every Islamic minority in a western nation is bitter, why? surely they should be ecstatic that they are no longer living in a shit hole?

8. Islam is a political as well as a religious force, part of its politics is world domination, eg: immigate to a non muslim nation, breed more then the locals, complain of persecution, gain special rights, once you are a majority, destroy that nation and take over.
This is not just my oppinion, it is in the koran, just take a look, see what it says

The above are facts, not evil nasty made up rants, that is why Islam is dangerous. That is why we in the west need to get serious, we need to be willing to expell these groups, in their entirety if neccisary, which I beleive may become the case.

You see it is not the odd terrorist bomb that is the danger, it is the increasing numbers of muslims that are the threat, it is not the small minority of open 'extremeists' that are the danger it is the majority of muslims who are extremist and who keep it under wraps that are the true danger.

Islam is inherintly disloyal to all countries, because Islam holds their allegiance, even in Islamic nations they have more allegiance to Allah then to Cairo.

This is the threat, it is the threat to our futures, our hopes and our freedom. Unsurprisingly our governments are helping them along through anti hate laws, grants, welfare handouts, council flats and lax immigration at our air and sea ports.

It is a threat that is more subtle then Communism, but perhaps in the end far more worrying.


frothing socialist said...

Very well put.

This would be the only long term solution and it may unfortunately already be too late for the UK.

I propose that for a start:

1. We should stop taking any kind of asylum seekers or imigrant as you only have too look around to see that this country is full up and there is quite franly not enough space for any more houses if we are to maintain a reasonable standard of living, and not enough for those that live here already.

2. All those that commit crimes after coming to this country on asylum should be promply deported to where they originally came from and banned from returning.

3. Following Islam should be made illegal as it is a religion that incites violence towards those who don't follow it and has little if any respect for those who chose to follow a different path. It is fundamentally incompatible with basic human rights. Even the church of Satan (Le Vey) based in California has more respect for those of other beliefs. Please read the koran and see for yourself before you judge what I am saying (it is called common sense which unfortunately does not seem to be common any more in this country.)

Islam advocates that all who are infidels (Do not belive in Islam) must be killed.

Women are not and should not have equal rights to men in Islam.

Anonymous said...

I dont aggree with this. I think you are uneducated and you seem to have a hatred of muslims.
You make fun of people who try to defend the innocent muslims in this country. you accuse the whole religion of Islam of being our enemy and make no room for the vast majority of muslims who are peaceful and just want a normal life.
I really think you need to get a life and stop poisoning the net with your biggoted views

frothing socialist said...

It is indeeeed true that some muslims or infact many muslims do not really follow their religion very much, just as many nominal christians do not really follow thier religion as defined by the originators of islam and Christianity respectively.

We are indeed fortunate that they don't!

Very good point. Well done. Those who renouce Islam can stay!

Frothing said...

I have no hatred of Muslims I would just prefer to live my life without the threat of being blown up, as unlike you, I quite like my life.

I do not wish to live with or near muslims though as any true follower of Islam will have no respect for myself or my human rights as I am not and have no wish to become a Muslim.

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