Monday, November 28, 2005

Europe in trouble

Bombs in London

Riots in France

Assassinations in the Netherlands

Guerrilla warfare in Russia and Macedonia

Bombs in Spain

What do they have in common?

Why yes the 'Religion of peace and tolerance!'

What is our response? Pathetic abject surrender, self blame, handwringing on an embarrasing scale! I fear for Europe! Once not so long ago Europe was a continent of great powers, vibrant populations, confident races and booming economies, now it seems we have decided to de europeanise Europe.

Whilst the rest of the world's nations massacre their way to homogenaiety we go for multi culturalism! I know I'm getting boring on this subject, but come on, it don't work, you know that, I know that, everyone knows this deep down. In Europe, although we are officially 'multi-cultural', in truth we are segregated. Muslims keep to thier ghettos, Blacks keep to their ghettos and whites stay in the plush parts of town, the suburbs or the country side.

Looks like were all headed in the same direction! All governments and all the elites of Europe seem committed to the death of us all! I wonder what they will think once Europe gasps its last? Will they regret what they have done? Will they cheer the end? Will they feel any regret, sorrow or shame as the barbarian's rape what was once fair Europe, centre of civility, beauty and progress. As Europe dies we shall see the Mona Lisa burned, David smashed into smithereens, St Peters vandalized and wrecked with four uncouth pillars raised on the corners as its turned into a mosque. The great frescos and murals will be painted over; the treasures of Europe will be pillaged and melted down, destroyed or vandalized. The races of Europe will be murdered,raped and enslaved. The light will go out, this time for good!It makes me sad that this can happen! It makes me angry that these commie fucks are doing this to us in the name of 'diversity' and 'fairness'. They are evil; If they do not know what they are doing they are fools! Dangerous fools to boot!My hope is that America and Australia will survive and learn from Europe's death, perhaps they can rescue some of the treasures and peoples of Europe in the last hours, before all is lost!

It depresses me! How can we as a race, a people, a culture, a nation or a continent be so foolish, so blind, so fatalistic? Why not fight, resist, claim back what is ours? Vote out these masochists, the rulers who despise us. Vote in someone who will claim back Europe for Europeans! That's not a so terrible thing is it?
How far can we be pushed?
How many more nights of riots?
How many more suicide bombers will we tolerate,
how many more mosques and young muslim men spitting on our women can we bear?
How much contempt from the contemptuous!
How many lectures on morality from the amoral?
How many accusations of racism from the racists?

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