Monday, November 28, 2005

Bolshevik Croadcasting Corporation

I know I should not be terribly surprised, I did burst out laughing I will admit!

Anyway It goes like this. At 9 o'clock I tuned into BBC 2, as I had just
chatted to me mum and she said that she saw in the paper that there was a documentary about the 7/7 bombings and the bombers!My interest was wetted, so I tuned in and watched the programme, well as one would expect the documentary was a white wash, full of liberals looking at every possible explaination as to why 4 'british' men blew people up, except the most obvious, 'Islam' was mentioned once in the programme, and in the context that Islam was a religion of peace and tolerance!It was hilarious that these 'experts' knew less then me about Islam and terrorists, they know nothing about religion and its power, obviously they would hate to admit that being hysterical lefties!

Anyway! After the programme, being a bit pieved, I switched over to BBC 1 to see the hysterical leftie news, but it was not 10 o'clock yet so there was another programme on, The scene:An evil looking ruskie type is shouting at someone who is on the floor, the ruskie is pointing a gun at him, he shouts "your stupid socialised health system, I will sell off these hospitals, I will let the free market reign supreme", he then cackles in an evil way, but he is being watched by good liberal M15 types, at this I realise it's SPOOKS!, and this is when I roared with laughter!And now the news is on its just one leftie story after another!!!! MainStory: Bush white house in crisis, really? are you sure, the American and Aussie news sites dont seem to be saying this! Why is it only the BBC who say this? AND WHY DID THE BBC NOT REPORT THE STORY ABOUT THE CARTOON GUY WHO DREW SOME VAUGELY IRREVERENT CARTOON STRIPS MAKING FUN OF MOHAMMED, AND THEN HE HAS TO GO IN TO HIDING AND 11 ISLAMIC COUNTRIES DEMAND AN APOLOGY FROMTHE DANISH GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now the 5th story on the BBC news is a very tame news item about the biggest corruption scandal in history, the Oil for Food Programme. 2 minutesin total!! and 5 minutes on Bush's worst week in the white house since lastweek!!!!WHY AM I PAYING THE LICENCE, PLEASE REMIND ME, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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