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Lost Verses of the Holy Q'uran: Part 4

Surah 121: The Coward

Bismillah: Returning to the oasis to gather strength before attacking Mecca, Muhammad and his followers again feasted on the bitter flesh of vermin and partook of the favors of eager women, the depraved Prophet coming unto the veiled, bare breasted Nubian harlot Sheba. Oaf Abu learned that his wife Umm had died, Muhammad stating to him over strong wine that it was Allah's will. A grieving Abu came unto his new wife, the widow of Sabri, and also knew his daughter Ayesha, fulfilling the will of Allah the Pig.

The Holy Prophet also lusted for Abu's bride, demanding that he be permitted to lay with her again. A shrugging Abu handed her over, an angry Muhammad having to beat the stiff-necked infidel woman once again before he knew her. "You evil murderous beast!" she screamed in tears as Muhammad was knowing her, "May the gods of my fathers destroy you and all you have wrought!" "How dare you attempt to curse me or Allah," grunted the Prophet as he reached orgasm, his fetid breath causing her to heave, "Take care woman, or I will expose you as the sorceress you are, giving you over to be stoned by my devoted followers." "Better to be dead than to endure your vile attentions again," Abu's wife retorted as the Prophet rose from her bed. "Bitch," Muhammad muttered as he left Abu"s tent, adjusting his filthy silk turban.

Leaving the oasis on the third day, the devoted Muslims resumed their journey to Mecca, Abu still troubled about their limited numbers and telling the Holy Prophet of his doubts. "Don't worry oaf, we will remain behind while the first wave of our brothers besiege and subdue the infidels in Mecca," Muhammad declared in a low tone of voice, Ayesha looking up to him and frowning. "Do you have a problem with that wife" asked Muhammad, strangely controlling his compulsion to beat her for daring to disagree with Allah"s unalterable will.

Ayesha remained silent and looked to the ground, Abu answering, "I thought we would lead them in battle." "No, we are to remain behind and observe the followers take the city, it is the will of Allah," replied Muhammad, he filled with doubts and preferring to watch from afar, as the strong hashish he had eaten in Medina had worn off long ago.

Arriving outside the city walls under cover of night, the Muslims prepared for battle in the only way they knew: skulking by stealth and murdering defenseless people while they slept. As a full moon rose, a vanguard of devoted followers scaled the city walls, only to be discovered and cut down by the defenders of Mecca. "Attack in the name of Allah!" shouted Muhammad while retreating to a bluff with Abu, his wives and several trusted followers, the Meccans opening the city gates to meet the glorious warriors of Allah in battle.

Seeing the Holy Prophet on the bluff by moonlight, this sight strengthened the attacking Muslims. "The battle is not going very well," observed Abu as the moon rose higher, watching the Muslim army being wiped out. "Yes, Allah is displeased that our faith was not strong enough," replied a strangely detached Muhammad, staring from the bluff at the carnage outside the walls of Mecca. "That, or we didn't have enough men, I told you,"retorted Abu, watching several followers being hacked to death by the defenders. "That is possible oaf," admitted Muhammad, Abu frowning at the reply. "What do you plan to do to save your followers Prophet"asked Ayesha. "Nothing, it is Allah"s will," replied Muhammad with a shrug, still watching the battle. Abu's frown grew into anger as he watched a smiling Muhammad delight in the butchery of his followers. "You've lost at least 30 score since the moon rose, do you intend to stay until we are slaughtered too?" asked Abu's wife. "How dare you speak to me unless spoken to!" exclaimed the Prophet, preparing to smite her across the face. "My good wife Fahimah makes a wise observation," declared Abu, using her given name for the first time, grasping Muhammad's forearm, preventing him from striking the widow.

Pulling away from Abu, the Prophet paused and replied, "It's time for us to leave oaf, we shall retreat to the oasis to pray and fast." A defeated Muhammad and his trusted followers left the bluff and headed back toward the oasis in the moonlight. Looking over his shoulder, the Prophet feared that vengeful Meccans might pursue them. "Let us make haste," declared Muhammad, fearing for his life.

Several days passed as they retreated from Mecca, the remaining band of Muslims at last pausing for needed rest and making a camp in the desert. The captive Fahimah had grown to respect her new husband Abu, as he had prevented the Holy Prophet from striking her outside the walls of Mecca. Making him a meal of jackal flesh soup, she presented it to him in his tent. "Thank you woman," Abu replied, taking an earthenware bowl and strong wine, she nodding and leaving him to eat. As Abu was eating, a stir rose in the camp: a lone survivor of the battle having at last caught up to the followers. Putting down his bowl, he left the tent to find the survivor admonishing Muhammad. "You coward," he gasped, "You left us to die, have you no faith in your visions, or are they only lies coming from your vile mouth" The Prophet, drunk, answered, "I had a dream after the battle, it was Allah's will that we were defeated, as it was his will that you survived. We lost because our faith in Allah was not strong enough." "You lied, telling us of easy plunder and women; there weren't enough of us to take Mecca, 50 score died outside the gates for nothing!" the man exclaimed. "No matter, have dung beetles and strong wine to renew your strength," slurred Muhammad, picking fleas from his beard and flinging them into a small fire at his side.

The man, much too exhausted to argue further, gratefully took a plate of boiled dung beetles and a bottle of wine, trudging off from the deranged Prophet in disgust. A shocked Abu observed this from the shadows and retreated to his tent. Such knowledge set heavy upon him, he meditating privately on the events. Finishing his meal, he called for his wife Fahimah, she appearing before him. "I would hear your words wife on this matter": "Muhammad preaches Islam, yet he does not follow the words of Allah.? He is your Prophet, you have sworn to serve him and Allah, my words are those of an infidel," she answered respectfully. "Still I would hear them, for there is wisdom in what you utter," Abu replied. Fahimah, still fearful of her brutal husband, yet bound by her personal honor to obey, told him of her thoughts on the Prophet and his actions. "I care not what god he worships, but this demon in man's guise is not a prophet of a clean desert god," she began.

Abu looked at her as she continued, "He forces his followers to consume the flesh of vermin, delighting in their disgust. I truly believe him to be so perverted as to rape an infant - he has others carry out his murderous work while he has no courage to fight himself: you should draw a knife across your daughter Ayesha's throat and my own to save us from the corruption of this man. Abu, oaf that he was, looked at her silently as she urged him to destroy the demon Prophet Muhammad, her wise words much harder to ignore than the screechings of his deceased wife Umm.

Surah 122: Muhammad the Merciless

Bismillah:Abu Bakr, though he had listened to the wise words of his good wife Fahimah, found the prospects of strong wine, glittering plunder and wanton sexual pleasure outweighed her foreboding admonitions; he advising her to remain silent with regard to the Holy Prophet. For this request, he agreed that he would do his best to keep the depraved Muhammad from coming unto her.

The widow bowed her head respectfully, obeying her brutal husband.Staying for a time to renew their strength at the oasis, Muhammad announced over a fine evening meal that they would return to Medina and take it in the name of Allah."That will be easy, considering we slaughtered everyone there who resisted us," slurred a drunken Abu, he, the Prophet and their closest followers sitting at a long table. Veiled, tempting sirens with bare breasts served the bounty Allah had provided: the flesh of vultures, vipers, and lizards gracing the table."Good point oaf," the deranged Muhammad agreed, seven rings of gold and silver on his fingers, his mouth stuffed with roast vulture.

He swallowed, belched loudly and added, "Allah revealed to me in a dream that Medina will be our base, and from there we shall send brave warriors out to capture and recruit new followers." "More men will be needed after the debacle at Mecca," replied Abu, looking to their limited numbers, choking down the bitter flesh of a fat, boiled viper with another gulp of wine.The evil Prophet hid a smile at the sight of Abu's nausea; watching from the head of the table in delight as his devoted followers dined on the flesh of vermin. "No matter about the others, they are dead and gone, it was the will of Allah," declared an uncaring Muhammad, spitting a shard of fractured vulture bone to the table.

Wiping greasy hands on his filthy silk robe, he grabbed a wine bottle and took a deep drink from it. "My belly still rumbles, bring tasty dung beetles to sate my gnawing hunger," he ordered to a siren nearest him.The lone survivor of the battle of Mecca, a swarthy Bedouin named Hamal, sat at the table, eating from an earthenware bowl of lizard soup, seasoned with ground peppercorns, onions and the juices of crushed scorpions. Having considered his low standing amongst his fellow Muslims for calling the Prophet a lying coward to his face, he wished to make amends by making himself useful to Muhammad. In return, he hoped the murderous Prophet would allow him to live, so he, like his debauched leader, would have the chance to kill, rape and plunder in the name of Pig Allah, the moon god.

Their meal finished, a lustful, drunken Muhammad initiated another sex orgy with the sirens, the warriors of Islam delighting in the licentious revelry: the debauched Prophet entering the tent of the Nubian harlot Sheba, relieving his carnal urges while held in her willing arms."Ah great Prophet, if it is the will of Allah, will you take me as one of your beloved wives to Medina" asked Sheba, looking up to him with seductive, dark eyes as he continued to know her."Sure, as my young bride Ayesha often grows sore from my constant attentions," grunted Muhammad, reaching orgasm for a third time, finding her the most satisfying harlot he had ever encountered. "She is only six, most wait until they bleed first," replied Sheba, the Prophet looking at her and frowning, both knowing that he was little more than a brutal, licentious pedophile who delighted in the rape of little girls and boys. Rising from the bed and closing his robe, he left her tent, adjusting his filthy silk turban.

Later, when others at the oasis were asleep or passed out from drunkenness, Muhammad, oaf Abu, and Hamal the Bedouin sat by a small fire, discussing plans for the recruitment of new followers. As the fire died down the Holy Prophet rose and walked into the shadows, releasing foul, pungent gas from his posterior while Abu and the Bedouin continued speaking."When will we be leaving for Medina?" asked Hamal, looking forward to visiting a comely harlot he had met there. "Very soon, but you will not leave with us," answered Abu, just as Muhammad leapt upon the hapless Bedouin with an oiled garrote. Pulling it tight around his throat with all his strength, he gritted his teeth and strangled the infidel to death, crushing his windpipe. "That is what one gets for insulting Allah's messenger," declared the wicked Muhammad with a smile, allowing the corpse to drop to the ground. He pulled the garrote from Hamal's throat and pocketed it in his filthy silk robe. Looking to Abu, he said, "Get over here and help me with the body oaf."

Abu rose, the Prophet and his henchman carrying the remains of Hamal into the desert. On the next day, Abu's young nephew Abdullah appeared from his mother's hovel at the border of the oasis. The adolescent appeared more of a man than a boy, his face having a short beard. Troubled, he asked his uncle as to why he had left his aunt Umm to die of grief, and why he had permitted the Holy Prophet to know him and his little cousin Ayesha. Not aware of Abu's incestuous relationship with his daughter, he awaited the answer. "My daughter Ayesha is his child bride, given unto him by Gabriel on high; alas, Muhammad is also a pederast, it was the will of Allah for him to know you," a shrugging Abu replied, revolted at the thought of pederasty, not looking his nephew in the eyes. "The will of Allah? Then Allah is an evil, insidious demon possessed of lust and caprice!" exclaimed Abdullah. "Your Prophet is a depraved sodomite sent from the depths of hell: grasping my crotch, he raped me after having a seizure, holding me down and declaring it was the will of Pig Allah!". "I don't know what to say, my nephew," replied Abu, looking to the ground, knowing that Muhammad had truly hurt a beloved member of his family by raping him.

"I do," said an angry Abdullah, tears welling in his eyes as he glared at his uncle, "I say be gone forever from our oasis, you, your demonic Prophet, your vile brethren, and never call me your nephew again!" Wiping away tears, he turned and trudged off, a saddened Abu watching as the young man disappeared into a date grove.

A fortnight passed; the Muslims returning to the nearly deserted city of Medina. The faithful inhabitants celebrated at the sight of Prophet Muhammad, joyously greeting his arrival with a spectacle of drunken revelry and lasciviousness. To the Prophet's pleasure, he found the brothel was still open, the madam thankful to Allah that the brave warriors of Islam had returned unto their midst.

After indulging in the favors of comely, dark-eyed harlots for several days, Muhammad, his wives Ayesha and Sheba, together with his entourage of slavewomen and little Jewish boys, moved into the merchant Sabri's house.

Oaf Abu and wife Fahimah accompanied them, as the residence had more than enough room.The body of Sabri, murdered by the Holy Prophet months earlier, lay rotting on the floor, a tearful Fahimah looking to the desiccated remains of her loving husband. "Lamentations over infidels is forbidden, it is the will of Allah that such die for resisting him," declared Muhammad, picking fat fleas from his beard and crushing them between his fingernails.

Ordering other followers to remove the remains, they dragged the body from the house and dumped it in the street for all to see. Looking down, the Prophet smirked and kicked Sabri? mummified severed finger through the open door. "You soulless brigand, I am an infidel, why don't you just kill me and put me out of my misery" asked a defiant Fahimah, tears of grief wetting her cheeks.The Holy Prophet raised an arm to smite her, Abu stepping between them.

"You will not strike my good wife Fahimah, nor will you touch her in any other fashion from this point forward; there is much wisdom in her utterances regarding the likes of you," warned Abu, staring at the Prophet with anger in his eyes.

Muhammad lowered his arm. Hiding his fear, he frowned at his muscular henchman. "Of course oaf," he muttered, quickly turning and leaving the house. "Bastard," he spat in defeat, heading to the brothel for the favors of harlots, strong wine, and hashish.

"Thank you husband, for what you have said and done for me," said Fahimah. "Don't thank me, thank your gods," replied a confused Abu, sweat on his brow, looking to the doorway that the madman Muhammad had passed through.

Charged by the words of the Holy Prophet, vanguards of devoted followers moved across the land surrounding Medina, converting scores to Islam in the name of Allah the Pig. Along the way, the warriors helped themselves to women, children and glittering plunder: slaughtering, torturing, raping and robbing as caravans, villages, towns and cities fell before them.

Returning to Medina with fresh converts, the warriors rested, joining with their fellow Muslims in idleness, debauchery, licentious revelry and drunkenness.Fearful of being exposed as the coward he was, Muhammad was determined to prove he was an able leader, chosen by Allah the moon god. Together with trusted group of followers, he, Abu and a band of vicious cutthroats entered a peaceful village near Medina in the middle of the night. A guard, subdued and beaten by a pair of the Prophet's followers, asked Muhammad, "We have done you no harm stranger, what do you want here?" "We want everything," answered a smiling Muhammad.

Pulling out his garrote, he strangled the defeated infidel to death, fulfilling the will of Allah. Allah the Pig smiled upon the devoted followers; over time the Muslim army was strengthened to near invincibility, their numbers in Medina now amounting to over 300 score.

John Howard on tour!

As you all know by now, John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia is someone I have a great deal of respect for! He has valiantly led his nation for the past 10 years, leading it into a time of great economic growth, and an expanding international presence. Howard has stood by the United States in it's wars against Islam in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has fought the socialists in his own nation and sent them down to ignominious defeat 4 times running! What's not to like?

In the past week or so, John Howard has been on a tour of North America and Ireland. He began in the United States, meeting his good friend George W Bush, who took out all the stops for Johnny! Then Howard went north to Canada, where he met with the very promising new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Again Harper, welcomed the elder statesman as a hero, as he should be welcomed! Have a read of a passage from Howard's speech to the Canadian Parliament:

"Can I, Mr Speaker, in conclusion say something about the role of the United States in the affairs of the world. Australia as you know is an unapologetic friend and ally of the United States. We don't always agree, we haven't in the past, we don't now on certain issues and we won't in the future but I have always taken the view and the majority of my fellow countrymen are the same, that the United States has been a remarkable power for good in the world. And that the decency and hope that the power and purpose of the United States represents to the world is something that we should deeply appreciate.

The values for which the United States stands are the values for which Canada and Australia stands. They are values of spreading democracy, of individual liberty, of a society where free enterprise is the principle economic driver, but also a society where the less fortunate should be protected by a decent social security safety net. And they are values that I know that members on both sides of this House, as indeed on both sides of the Houses of the Australian Parliament share in common. And I would have for those around the world who would want to see a reduced American role in the affairs of our globe, I have some quiet advice and that is be careful in what you wish for because a retreating America will leave a more vulnerable world. It will leave a world more exposed to terrorism and it will leave a more fragile and indeed dangerous world. "

Well, then Johnny goes to Dublin, meets with Bertie Ahern, is treated like a visiting king and then the unacceptable, but inevitable happens, socialists stick their oar of hypocrisy in!

Yep, the commies are still at it, and yes there are commies in Ireland!

Joe Higgins, a Communist MP said of Howard "I would describe him (Mr Howard) as xenophobic, a war monger and as an anti-trade union representative of Australian and indeed even world big business in his policies of weakening the bargaining power of the Australian working class,"

As I said before, what's not to like? I love xenophobic war mongering anti socialists!

Socialists have no respect for a great leader, they abused President Bush when he visited Ireland, and now they show contempt for Prime Minister Howard! Why can't they show some respect to the offices of these men, even if they disagree with them? That is the difference between communists and conservatives, socialists are ideologues that waffle on about how they love 'the people', but they combine this with a over arching self-righteousness, arrogance, rudeness, disrespect, contempt for 'the people' and their lives and values! Conservatives, will sit quietly and hear the commie fucks out, and then politely inform the commie fuck that their ideas are hairbrained, their economics are childish and their foreign policy is teenaged! The conservatives have respect towards others, even when they deserve none, commie fucks don't.

Strange eh?? Reality tells us that it's the conservatives who are tolerant, the commie fucks are the dangerous ones!

Lost Verses of the Holy Q'uran: Part 3

Surah 119: The Thief

Bismillah: A fortnight passed, with many of the remaining people of Medina embracing Islam, and others fleeing for their lives, with the exception of a wealthy merchant named Sabri and his family.

Sabri vexed the followers with his words that Prophet Muhammad was little more than a drunken liar, murderer, and wanton sexual pervert; a wicked, lascivious monster and pedophile who kept the company of prostitutes, drunks and the slothful. In another dream, the Holy Prophet learned that the vexing merchant had to be silenced, and that he had been chosen by Allah to murder him. Telling Abu of his dream, he and Abu plotted the murder of Sabri the merchant.

After enjoying strong wine together, they headed to his home on a dark late evening, let in by a lovely servant girl. Muhammad and the oaf Abu observed the opulence of his residence; Sabri dressed in a fine silk robe with a silk turban, seven rings of gold and silver on his fingers. His wife and the lovely servant girl brought food and a carafe of wine for her husband, they disdainfully looking upon the filthy, debauched Prophet and his henchman Abu. "Why will you not submit to Islam, it is the will of Allah", declared the evil Muhammad, looking to Sabri, looking for the chance to end his life. "The will of Allah my ass, you Muhammad are a murderous debauched lecher and raper of children. Your loathsome followers feed on the rancid flesh of vermin instead of fine pork roasts, and defile all that they touch", declared a disgusted Sabri, noting that the Prophet was drunk, dressed in a filthy tattered robe, with his unkempt hair and long beard matted with dirt.

"I consume the flesh of vermin too, Great Allah is a Holy, Merciful Pig, it is not halal to dine on the sacred flesh of his younger brothers", said Muhammad with a finger in the air, Abu nodding in agreement. "So, it is you who are a pig, you deranged cretin possessed of a vile demon", retorted Sabri, looking upon the Prophet with hatred in his eyes. "Those who do not submit to the will of Allah will suffer dire consequences", threatened Abu, looking about for anyone who would dare stop them.

Observing only two women in the house, he smiled, knowing that the will of Allah was about to be fulfilled. Sabri paused, staring at the Prophet and Abu in contempt, hoping he could in some way persuade them to leave the city, noting that business had fallen off to practically nothing since the arrival of the Muslims. "Look, if I give you money, will you and yours flee Medina and never return" asked Sabri with folded hands, hoping he could encourage them to leave with a payment of fine gold. "I can't leave", declared a smiling Muhammad, "I am serving Great Allah, the Most Merciful Pig", Sabri, confused for a moment, replied, "But I thought Allah was the moon goddess of Mecca".

"Whatever", retorted a shrugging, uncaring Muhammad while picking his nose, he knowing that Allah didn't exist anyway. "You are destroying Medina with your vile harlotry and wicked ways!" exclaimed Sabri. The Prophet laughed, and replied, "Indeed not, Allah is guiding my hand in this and all my actions, providing me and my followers with what we desire: food, fine drink and the company of willing sirens, like your lovely servant girl back there"."My servant girl is betrothed to a good man in Mecca, you will not speak ill of her, nor will you covet her favors", declared Sabri, noting Muhammad leering through an open door, ogling the girl and his wife. "I will do as I wish", retorted the evil Muhammad with another laugh, reaching into his tattered, filthy robe and producing the garrote, "I covet the favors of your servant girl, and will take her to my bed for a concubine on this night. Those such as you will not stop the will of Allah or his Messenger".

Abu rose while the Prophet was speaking and smote Sabri upon the face with a closed fist, knocking the silk turban from his head. Muhammad descended upon him like a viper, pulling the garrote tightly around his throat, strangling him in his chair while his wife and servant girl screamed. "Be silent women, it is the will of Allah!" Muhammad yelled through gritted teeth as he took the life of Sabri.

Oaf Abu moved into the room and beat them into submission while a struggling Sabri kicked the wine carafe from the table, it shattering on the floor. Sabri's life vanquished, Prophet Muhammad exhaled loudly and let the lifeless body tumble to the floor. The trembling women remained silent as Abu returned to the Prophet with them. "Where is your money" asked a greedy Abu of Sabri's wife. "A box of gold and silver is in our bedroom," answered his tearful wife, almost fainting from Abu's foul breath. "I'll get it," volunteered a smiling Muhammad, pulling the garrote from the body, "Get the rings from his fingers oaf." The Prophet returned with a box of glittering coins, pleased that Allah had provided such bounty for his followers. "I can't get the last ring off," complained Abu, having pocketed six others. "Cut off his finger to get it, and take his robe and turban too," ordered Muhammad, determined not to leave one valuable item in the house.

Abu obeyed, reaching for a knife on the table, slicing off the finger and pulling the ring from it. Arriving at the brothel, the Prophet celebrated his good fortune by knowing Sabri's wife and the servant girl, annulling the widow's marriage and the girl's betrothal in the eyes of Allah. Later that evening Abu was given Sabri's widow for a concubine, as he had grown weary of Ayesha's favors, also needing an able slave to cook and serve him.

Having to beat her before he knew her, Abu thanked Allah and Muhammad for the welcome gift of Sabri's wife.

Surah 120: The Hypocrite

Bismillah: More time passed, with some of Muhammad's followers finding the Prophet's actions in Medina going against everything he had preached in Mecca, seeing him as Khalil, the rotten toothed man, and the merchant Sabri had seen him: an evil, debauched rapist, pedophile, liar, and murderer. These and other apostate followers were quickly slaughtered as infidels, fulfilling the will of Allah; a smiling Muhammad strangling many of them as they slept. Even Abu began to think that Muhammad's wanton depravity may have been going too far when he encountered him in a tent knowing several young Jewish boys that had been taken captive.

"Prophet, some of the followers are complaining that you are denying them participation in the bounty given us by Allah, and that you are also practicing strange acts that Allah has forbidden to others," related Abu, frowning at the displeasing thought of Muhammad knowing little boys. "They want some of the gold, right oaf" asked a drunken Muhammad, dressed in Sabri's silk robe and turban, seven rings of gold and silver upon his greasy fingers, the fine garb growing filthier with each passing day. "That, and some of them would also like to have some of the girls and boys for concubines," answered Abu. "They cannot have the little boys, Allah has given them to me for my carnal pleasure," declared the lascivious Prophet, "As for the little girls, give them to the followers as wives, so that their carnal desires can be sated; it is the will of Allah."

"Others say that you don't practice what you have preached," added a fidgeting Abu, hoping not to arouse Muhammad's maniacal wrath. "I am the messenger, Allah's revelations don't apply to me," retorted Muhammad, releasing a tearful Jewish boy from his carnal embrace. "What about me" asked Abu. "They don't apply to you either oaf; would you like a lovely little boy for your carnal pleasure" slurred the depraved sodomite Muhammad, lustfully leering at another boy he had chosen next to debauch. " I find not that boys appeal to me," answered Abu quietly, though he was a lecherous pedophile and incestuous pervert, he had no desire to sodomize little boys.

"Suit yourself oaf, more for me to enjoy," answered the Prophet with a chuckle, undressing another captive boy, returning to his lecherous pederasty as Abu left the tent. The city of Medina had been taken completely by the conquering Muslims, they reveling in their murderous victory over the infidels and Jews. In another dream, it was revealed to Muhammad by Allah that they were to attack and conquer the city of Mecca. They were to subdue it and convert the inhabitants there to Islam, after which the Prophet was to take a pagan shrine called the Kaaba and defile it in the name of Allah.

"In Mecca there is glittering plunder, fine gold to steal, and many women to be taken for concubines," declared the Prophet, "Allah has said to have faith in him and we will not fail; are you with me, warriors for Islam" The devoted followers answered, shouting in unison: There is no god but Allah the Pig, and Muhammad is his prophet! "We will need weapons to defeat them," Abu observed, looking to the Holy Prophet. "Easily done oaf," replied an unconcerned Muhammad, ordering several henchmen to plunder the city of metal so weapons could be quickly fashioned. Bronze implements were seized from every home; plowshares were heated and beaten into fine scimitars for the devoted followers. As his followers labored over hot forges, Muhammad gave a sermon, declaring that vengeance, blood and death would rain down upon Mecca in the name of Allah.

The work completed over several days, a feast was held by the warriors of Islam to further strengthen them for the long journey; the flesh of rats, snakes, vultures and jackals gracing their tables. The hungry Prophet had a willing siren prepare his favorite of all dishes, fat dung beetles boiled in seasoned vulture broth. "We should give Allah our thanks for the bounty he has provided," declared Muhammad, seated at the head of his table beside Abu, crushing the hard shell of a dung beetle between his filthy brown teeth. All bowed their heads in prayer, thanking Allah for the food he had provided. "Would you like to enjoy a tasty dung beetle oaf" asked the Prophet, turning to his brother in law, offering one to him. "No thanks," replied a nauseated Abu, choking down a plateful of greasy rat flesh. Washing the unseemly morsels down with strong wine, Muhammad and his followers filled their bellies with the bitter flesh of vermin and then enjoyed the welcome favors of tempting, veiled harlots with dark eyes.

The Muslims, their women and their captives set out for Mecca on the following week, determined to exact Allah's revenge on the people who dwelt there. "There are many able men in Mecca, much more than we have," observed Abu, realizing their numbers were wanting when compared to the teeming hordes of infidels occupying Mecca. "Allah will watch over us oaf," replied Muhammad, a sharp scimitar on his hip, he unsure as to what the outcome would be, but keeping this from the others and preparing for the worst.

"There aren't enough of us Prophet how will we win" asked Abu with his arms in the air, looking at their limited numbers, no more than 50 score of able men in the service of Allah. "Allah has said it, they in Mecca will embrace Islam or die for resisting his will," the vengeful Prophet declared as Medina disappeared behind them in the distance. A thoughtful Abu wondered why Allah would wish his followers to attack a fortified city where they were outnumbered, and also as to why Allah would have chosen a debauched murderer and licentious pervert for his Prophet. "Ah well, it is the will of Allah," agreed a sardonic Abu, much too committed to the deranged Prophet and Islam to back out, checking for the scimitar on his hip.

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Lost Verses of the Holy Q'uran: Part 2

Surah 117: The Murderer

Bismillah: Muhammad and his followers enjoyed many days away from Mecca at the oasis, home of his oafish brother in law, Abu Bakr, who was also Muslim. Dining on roast jackal, vultures and snakes, their strength was renewed by the bounty Allah the moon-god provided: plentiful food for their bellies and plentiful sirens for their carnal pleasure. Khalil was upset that the Prophet was an evil lecherous pedophile who had known a little girl, so he went to the home of Ayesha to speak with her father, Abu the oaf.

He made his way to the hovel, and knocked on the door. Ayesha's mother opened the door, frowning as she beheld another of Prophet Muhammad's followers. "Is life not bad enough, what are you here for, to rape my daughter, me, or one of my sons?" she inquired with disdain.

"Indeed not woman, I must speak with your husband, not you", said Khalil, who as a good Muslim, looked down upon women as little more than objects of pleasure, or dogs to be beaten into submission. My husband Abu is very drunk, she related, lowering her gaze in respect. Khalil entering the hovel, the oaf Abu appeared from a side room holding a wine bottle, and slurred, "What do want here, follower of the Prophet? ""I must speak with you regarding your little daughter Ayesha", answered Khalil. "What about her?" asked Abu, blinking his eyes and trying to focus on the man. "The Prophet came unto her in her room a fortnight ago; do you not know?"asked Khalil. "He has come unto her many times since, she is his wife", replied the unconcerned oaf. "His wife you say - you permitted it?" asked Khalil, stunned by the revelation. "Of course; he has come unto one of my nephews too, Muhammad is a pederast, it is the will of Allah", declared a shrugging Abu. 

"He's raping our child you drunken bastard!"exclaimed a tearful Umm, looking to Khalil. Abu smote her across the face, admonishing, "Take care woman, speak not ill of Prophet Muhammad, it is the will of Allah. The Prophet first knew Ayesha in a dream, when Gabriel showed her to him, uncovering her body for him to see.""That's really sick, she's only six years old," observed Khalil. "Better for the great Prophet to know her than one of the infidels",declared a smiling Abu. "Prophet my ass, Muhammad is a depraved monster possessed of a demon; how could permit such a thing, you are her father!" exclaimed Khalil in utter disgust. "Yes I am, and the Prophet says I will know her too", confessed Abu, contemplating the odd thought of having sex with his own daughter.

Umm burst into tears and sobbed, throwing herself to the floor upon hearing Abu's repugnant words. A fearful Khalil fled the hovel, not knowing what to think; realizing Muhammad and his brother in law Abu were wicked licentious perverts and vicious rapers of children, possessed of capricious and malevolent demons.

Later, Abu spoke with the Prophet while they entered a brothel together. He told him of the strange encounter with Khalil. "Khalil's an idiot, he takes Islam much too seriously",replied Muhammad, looking to his oafish brother in law. "It is a bad omen Prophet, Khalil woefully disdains your marriage to Ayesha, and disdains that I am to know her too", declared Abu, even he feeling deep down that such a liaison was distasteful, but knowing it was the unalterable will of Allah, the moon god. "It is the will of Allah for you to know your daughter, did not Lot of Sodom know his daughters in the cave?" asked a slurring Muhammad, quite drunk, leaning against a wall to steady himself. "Yes Prophet, he did", answered Abu with firm resolve. "Indeed, it was and is Allah's will", replied Muhammad, picking a flea from his beard and crushing it between his fingernails, "As for our problem, I will have a dream tonight, and Allah will order me to kill Khalil"."He will" asked Abu, putting a hand to his chin in confusion, "But I thought the Perfect, Most Merciful Pig Allah never revealed his intentions until you had a dream"."No matter oaf, he is making his will known to me by making me drink strong wine on this day", said a quickly lying Muhammad, holding up a bottle. "Don't you drink strong wine everyday?" asked Abu. "Not as strong as this stuff", replied the Prophet with a broad smile, "It has hashish oil in it; let us partake of a pair of this brothel's women and enjoy wine together".

As Muhammad and Abu descended into more revelry and debauchery, a troubled Khalil approached another of the Prophet's followers, the one with rotten teeth. Telling him of his woes, he awaited the reply."Who cares what he does, have vulture and some wine", said the man, tearing a leg from a roasted, maggot-ridden carcass and offering it to Khalil. "You don't care that Muhammad is a deranged pervert who has sex with little children?" asked Khalil, taking the leg. "Hell no, I'm only here for the food, I was starving in the alleys of Mecca before I met Muhammad", replied the rotten toothed man, grabbing more vulture flesh and a wine bottle. "Oh", answered a defeated Khalil, taking a bite from the leg and reaching for wine. Late evening came, with Khalil and the other followers drunk and passed out in their tent.

Muhammad and Abu awoke at the brothel after midnight, rested and refreshed. "What are we to do about Khalil?" asked Abu as they left via a side door, avoiding an encounter with the brothel's madam, to whom they owed money. "Leave that to me oaf", answered the Prophet, holding up a hand, "In my dream Allah told me how to deal with him". Muhammad headed down the street and stealthily entered the tent of his followers, intent on taking Khalil's life.

Abu Bakr followed him through the entrance, looking about for possible witnesses. Holding an oiled leather garrote, the smiling Prophet mercilessly strangled the sleeping Khalil, knowing in his heart that it was the will of Allah. The helpless follower struggled defiantly as a determined Muhammad gritted his teeth and pulled the garrote tighter, crushing Khalil's windpipe, the Prophet letting out foul gas from his posterior due to the exertion.

The struggling ceased; he and Abu then quietly removed the body from the tent and carried it into the desert. "That takes care of that problem", declared a satisfied Muhammad as he pocketed the garrote, he and Abu making their way to his hovel so he could know his young wife Ayesha again. "Then will I know her Prophet" inquired Abu in the lamplit hovel, looking to his daughter's room. "Very soon, Allah has said it, go know your wife Umm for now, oaf", suggested Muhammad with a smile, opening the door to Ayesha's room.

Surah 118: The Liar

Bismillah: Time passed, and a strengthened Muhammad and his followers left the fertile oasis. The Prophet was joined by his young wife Ayesha and her father, oaf Abu, who left the remainder of his family stranded at the oasis, his wife Umm dying of grief shortly afterward.

Not one of the party dared question the vanishing of Khalil, some fearing that they too would vanish, perhaps due to Allah's will or worse. Muhammad told his followers that Khalil was an evil infidel, and had fled because he had coveted Ayesha, the child looking to her husband the Prophet, she and her father knowing he was not telling the truth. "That is not true my father, Khalil only came to tell you of the Prophet knowing me", Ayesha whispered, she and Abu standing only a few cubits from Muhammad. "Take care in what you utter among others child, some things are better kept to oneself", answered Abu quietly, not half the oaf the Prophet thought he was.

The rotten toothed man was listening intently; he had watched from the shadows while a smiling Muhammad strangled Khalil, but wisely kept this knowledge to himself, vowing to flee the group at the earliest opportunity.

Abu Bakr, fulfilling the will of Allah, came unto his daughter Ayesha over several evenings in a tent at the beckoning of the Holy Prophet, oddly finding her favors more satisfying than those of his wife. Feeling strange from the experience of knowing his own daughter, a troubled Abu sought wise Muhammad's advice. "It was the will of Allah", declared the debauched Muhammad, drunk on strong wine, "Allah has also revealed it is you which will sire her firstborn in her twelfth year; her incestuous bastard child Fatimah"."I will" asked Abu, incredulous that he would be siring a child by his own daughter. "Yes", replied the Prophet, removing his filthy robe, "But first I must satisfy my carnal urges, by indulging in her favors myself". Prophet Muhammad entered the tent and came unto the young Ayesha, who complained that she was sore from knowing her father three times in one day. Striking her across the face, Muhammad admonished, "Keep your mouth shut wife and be thankful to Allah that only I and your father are knowing you"."Yes Holy Prophet", Ayesha replied, closing her eyes and wincing in pain as Muhammad again knew her.

Arriving in Medina the following week, the Muslims found friends in this city, delighting in drunken revelry and the favors of veiled, tempting harlots with dark eyes. A lecherous Muhammad, Ayesha and his brother in law Abu took up residence at a fine brothel, the Prophet and the oaf sampling the offerings over many weeks, finding that Medina had the finest of all harlots in the land.

Many residents of Medina found that Islam was a faith that appealed to them, Allah's unalterable will moving the people, they abandoning their staid ways, joining with Prophet Muhammad in idleness, licentious revelry and drunkenness.

Abu later visited the Prophet in his tent, informing him of dreadful news that Medina was host to a band of Jews. "Jews you say, the people of the book", answered Muhammad, "They are bitter enemies of Allah and Islam; we will not suffer such people to live in our midst". "But there are 40 score or more of them in the city Prophet, do the warriors of Allah have the numbers to defeat them" asked Abu. "Of course oaf", declared the evil Muhammad, "We shall wait until the dark of night, prowling by stealth, and then cut their throats as they slumber; Allah has willed it".

Listening in the shadows, the rotten toothed man determined it was time for him to flee. Regardless of the free food, he wanted no part of a group of vicious, skulking cowards who would slaughter people as they slept. Allah's will was fulfilled on the next night, 40 score Jews meeting their end at the hands of the deranged, murderous pedophile Muhammad and his obedient Muslims.

Lost Verses of the Holy Q'uran

Surah 115: The Pig

Bismillah: The hurried flight of the Hegira had led the Muslims to a fertile oasis, where they were at last safe from their many enemies in Mecca. Pausing, each thanked Allah the moon-god for their good fortune. Assembling at a long table, they enjoyed rare delicacies brought by bare-breasted sirens whose faces were veiled. During the feast Muhammad sternly forbade his disciples to partake of pig flesh, while fondling the youthful breasts of a Nubian girl named Sheba.

Obeying the Prophet, the pilgrims partook of the succulent flesh of jackals and vultures, washing their food down with strong wine. I never dreamed I would have to eat the loins of a jackal, let alone the bitter entrails of a cursed vulture, observed a hungry pilgrim named Ahmed to a fellow Muslim, choking on the unpalatable morsels. Neither did I, but the Holy Prophet has ordered it, grumbled another starving follower, almost heaving as he consumed greasy vulture flesh.

A rancid pork chop would taste a hell of a lot better than this crap does, retorted Ahmed. It's an acquired taste brother, you will get used to it, I spoke up another, smiling with a mouthful of rotten teeth. I don't think so, said Ahmed, forcing down a burned jackal testicle. An uncaring Muhammad, famished, greedily wolfed down roasted jackal in enjoyment, quaffing from an earthenware wine carafe on occasion, while choosing which of the sirens that would soon endure his favors.

The meal finished in the late afternoon, a drunken, lustful Muhammad initiated a sex orgy with the sirens, the debauched Holy Prophet, Allah speaking through him, declaring all earlier betrothals or marriages of the women he knew null and void. The Muslims celebrated their good fortune, again thanking Allah for the bounty they had been blessed to receive.

Later, as Muhammad sat half-naked under a palm tree, masturbating to the thought of molesting little girls, Ahmed chanced by and remarked, "Oh great prophet, why does Allah say that we cannot dine on delicious porcine flesh?" "Why?" asked Muhammad, closing his filthy, tattered, moth-eaten robe, "Because Allah's younger retarded cyclops brother is a pig, and Allah doesn't want us killing his holy kinfolk." "Allah is a pig?" asked Ahmed, staring at Muhammad. "Of course," replied the deranged Prophet, hallucinating thanks to ingesting strong hashish minutes earlier.

"That's ridiculous, why in hell do we worship pigs?" asked Ahmed, thinking his flight from Mecca may have been the result of heeding the words of a false prophet, possessed of a capricious desert demon who delighted in seeing them consume the flesh of vermin. "Because they're better than we are," answered a smiling Muhammad, now fantasizing about raping little boys, "Look at me, I'm little more than a lecherous child molester, thief and murderer!" "True, but pigs can't even talk!" exclaimed Ahmed, digging a heel into the sand. "Allah can, he speaks to me in my dreams," retorted the wildly hallucinating Muhammad, barely able to focus on Ahmed, seeing him in double vision.

"You're a madman," declared a disgusted Ahmed, "I'm heading back to join the infidels in Mecca!" "Who cares?" retorted Muhammad, slurring his words and breaking into riotous laughter. Prophet Muhammad, opening his robe and again reaching for his flaccid sex organ, was too occupied with masturbating his building erection to reply further, while Ahmed disappeared behind a sand dune. "What a stupid, perverted, licentious bastard," spat Ahmed, walking off, "Muhammad is crazier than a shithouse rat!"

Surah 116: The Pervert

Bismillah: And it came to pass that Muhammad was growing ever hornier and more depraved: In a dream it was revealed by Allah that he was to molest a young girl named Ayesha.

Drunk on strong wine, the Prophet looked to a follower named Khalil and announced, Allah has said I am to have sex on this day with a child; the virgin daughter of my brother in law Abu. What? asked a frowning Khalil, holding a wine bottle, taken back by the remark and turning to Muhammad. ? I am to know Abu's daughter Ayesha, declared Muhammad, a finger in the air, becoming visibly aroused at the thought having sex with her. She is but a little girl who plays with dolls; her womb does not yet weep, are you insane? asked Khalil, knowing in his heart that the Prophet was little more than a pervert, thief, liar and murderer. probably, but it is the will of Allah? Muhammad said to himself, staggering off to the hovel of Ayesha.

What a twisted devil the Prophet is , the will of Allah my ass, he is just an evil, depraved monster who lusts after the flesh,Khalil mumbled, putting the bottle to his parched lips. An oblivious and uncaring Muhammad blundered down the street, weaving as he went, arriving at the hovel shortly thereafter. Knocking on the door, Ayesha? Her mother Umm appeared. What do you want Prophet? she asked, staring at the debauched Muhammad, clad in a filthy tan robe covered in dust and wine stains, a lone flea crawling upon his moustache near his nostrils.

I am here to take your daughter Ayesha in bed, the Prophet answered, slurring his words. You licentious beast! exclaimed the girl's mother, she is only six years old, if it is indeed the will of Allah, take me instead to satisfy your wanton depravity!

Taking you is not the will of Allah, retorted Muhammad, the scent of wine heavy on his foul breath, you are a wrinkled and faded flower without comeliness; be gone with your favors; I could never get a hard on at the likes of you. Enraged by her rebuff, Muhammad smote her upon the face with a backhand. That is what one gets for disobeying the will of Allah,declared Muhammad, his words punctuated by a loud belch,take me to Ayesha, that I may know her on this day!

Obeying, Umm reluctantly led Muhammad to the room of Ayesha, opening the door. This perverted Prophet here wants to screw you, announced Umm with a frown, Muhammad ogling the virgin child in double vision. But you knew my cousin Abdullah, younger brother of Ahmed not an hour ago, replied a shocked Ayesha, dropping her doll, revolted by the sight of the filthy, lascivious pedophile Muhammad. Be that as it may, Allah has said I will also know you, said Muhammad with an expectant smile, the gleam of lust in his eyes.

Why me,asked Ayesha, looking to the Prophet with trepidation. Because Allah has said it and I am horny, let us lay down, that I may know you, ordered Muhammad as he removed his robe, Ayesha's mother shaking her head in helpless disgust and closing the door.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

This was actually written on a service info board at Notting Hill Gate tube station

Your one stop terrorist shop!

Muslims enslave Christian boys TODAY!

This is happening NOW, not 100 years ago, not 1000 years ago, TODAY!
These Muslims are savages! Complete barbarians!

A SENIOR member of an Islamic organisation linked to Al-Qaeda is funding his activities through the kidnapping of Christian children who are sold into slavery in Pakistan.

The Sunday Times has established that Gul Khan, a wealthy militant who uses the base of Jamaat-ud Daawa (JUD) near Lahore, is behind a cruel trade in boys aged six to 12.

They are abducted from remote Christian villages in the Punjab and fetch nearly £1,000 each from buyers who consign them to a life of misery in domestic servitude or in the sex trade.

Read the rest here

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The betrayal of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

FOR HER COURAGE, her honesty and her unflinching support of the rights of Muslim women, Ayaan Hirsi Ali deserves to be considered a heroine. A target for extremists throughout the Islamic world, her life is in constant danger. When, after the making of her film, Submission, its Dutch director, Theo Van Gogh, was murdered, she too found herself under sentence of death. Yet she has never held back from expressing her outspoken view that, in terms of subordinating women, repressing art and limiting freedom of speech, Islam is a backward religion. Controversial or not, she has a right to be heard.

One might have imagined that the Netherlands, as a bastion of liberal values, would guarantee that right. Ms Hirsi Ali is a full citizen of the country and, until yesterday, was an elected member of the Dutch Parliament. She is entitled to expect the same kind of protection that Salman Rushdie once had in the years after the publication of Satanic Verses. Instead, she finds herself today abandoned by her political colleagues and forced into exile. She intends to go to America, where she has been offered work and where she will be given the security that she no longer has in the Netherlands.

Read the rest here

What is wrong with Belgium?

Although I have every intention of seeing the cities of Gent, Brugge, other medieval Flemish cities as well as visit the battlefields of my ancestors, I beleive that the country called Belgium is quite sick. It seems to be the epitome of every thing that is plain wrong or plain stupid. We see massive state intervention in the economy, massive flows of immigration, major restrictions on the freedom of speech and what seems most wierd is the incestuous political scene in Belgium.

Then there is the paedophilia!

The paedophilia scandal broke in 1996, when
Marc Dutroux was arrested for the kidnapping, imprisonment and murder of children. After years in which very little happened, except for Dutroux's escape from custody, a Belgian MEP, Olivier Dupuis of the Radical party, tried to rally reporters on the "serious miscarriages and delays" that became the hallmark of the inquiry into the Dutroux charges and the evidence of organised paedophile rings in Europe.

This included the testimony of two officers, who between them had 67 years of loyal service to the Gendarmerie under their belts. After the two officers had interviewed a witness called XI, they were removed from the case. XI had testified, on no fewer than 17 occasions, that she had been inducted into a circle of orgies at which she had seen
young children tortured and murdered. It was alleged that senior judges, politicians, journalists and even Belgian royalty were involved!

The Belgian press has, with rare exceptions, been instrumental in suggesting that the entire paedophile problem lies with Marc Dutroux. And as Dutroux is in jail . . . what more is there to say? A retired prosecutor, Judge Guy Poncelet, has given an interview saying that disturbing evidence linking Dutroux with industrialists and past and serving politicians and even more important VIPs has been suppressed.

Well, see what happens when a country rejects it's faith! It becomes all twisted and sick. Belgium is now a bastion of the new values of the new Europe, it prides itself on its aggressive pacificm, anti Americanism, anti semitism, anti Israeli-ism, anti-God-ism,
pro Islam-ism, anti capitalism, pathetic hand wringing Kyoto-ism and pretty much anything that condemns the west, or whitey and exaults Africa, the religion of Mohammed and the Black race!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Immigrants gang rape white German girl!

BERLIN - Four youths suspected of gang-raping a 16-year-old schoolgirl in a Berlin park last week have been released after briefly being detained by police in a move which has fuelled anger in the German capital.

The youths, aged 13 to 15, allegedly attacked their victim as she walked home from school in the Charlottenburg district which is generally seen as safe area with low crime rates.

While allegedly gang-raping the girl, the youths are reported to have filmed the sexual attack with a mobile phone camera. Media reports say the four later boasted about the rape to other school children and sent copies of the video to friends.

"This brutal rape has shocked Germany," said a commentary in Berlin's B.Z. newspaper. Adding to the potential explosiveness of the alleged rape is the fact that the four suspects are all the children of immigrant families, while the victim is German.

The normally well-informed Bild tabloid said the suspects were two 'German-Turks', a 'German Russian' and a 'German-Angolan'.

Read the rest here

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Europe's terrible loss

The one thing I notice from Ayaan Hirsi Ali's resignation speech is the underlying tone, it is not one of anger or bitterness, it is one of sadness and disappointment.

She fled to us for refuge, did what all asylum seekers do and told some quite minor lies to get into Holland, for years she enjoyed the fruits of western freedom.

After 9/11 she publicly denounced Islam and became a banner bearer of the freedoms we take for granted, she vocalised the threat we sensed and was able to voice eloquently. She received death threats, saw close friends and colleagues murdered for speaking out and now she has been betrayed by those she loved and respected.

She has said, that she could take the death threats, the smears and attacks on her integrity, but that loosing her Dutch citizenship was unbearable to her.

She has been betrayed, in the most loathsome way. I see this as a new departure in Europe, and not one that bodes well!

May she go on as she intends, speaking out on behalf of the cowards who betrayed her, may she be vindicated against her enemies!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's resignation speech

I came to Holland in the summer of 1992 because I wanted to be able to determine my own future. I didn’t want to be forced into a destiny that other people had chosen for me, so I opted for the protection of the rule of law. Here in Holland, I found freedom and opportunities, and I took those opportunities to speak out against religious terror.

In January 2003, at the invitation of the VVD party, I became a member of parliament. I accepted the VVD’s invitation on the condition that I would be the party’s spokesman for the emancipation of women and the integration of immigrants.

What exactly did I want to achieve?

First of all I wanted to put the oppression of immigrant women — especially Muslim women - squarely on the Dutch political agenda. Second, I wanted Holland to pay attention to the specific cultural and religious issues that were holding back many ethnic minorities, instead of always taking a one-sided approach that focused only on their socio-economic circumstances. Lastly, I wanted politicians to grasp the fact that major aspects of Islamic doctrine and tradition, as practiced today, are incompatible with the open society.

Now I have to ask myself, have I accomplished that task?

I have stumbled often in my political career. It has sometimes been frustrating and slow. However, I am completely certain that I have, in my own way, succeeded in contributing to the debate. Issues related to Islam - such as impediments to free speech; refusal of the separation of Church and State; widespread domestic violence; honor killings; the repudiation of wives; and Islam’s failure to condemn genital mutilation — these subjects can no longer be swept under the carpet in our country’s capital. Some of the measures that this government has begun taking give me satisfaction. Many illusions of how easy it will be to establish a multicultural society have disappeared forever. We are now more realistic and more open in this debate, and I am proud to have contributed to that process.

Meanwhile, the ideas which I espouse have begun spreading to other countries. In recent years I have given speeches and attended debates in many European countries and in the United States. For months now, I have felt that I needed to make a decision: should I go on in Dutch politics, or should I now transfer my ideas to an international forum?

In the fall of 2005 I told Gerrit Zalm and Jozias van Aartsen, the leaders of the VVD, that I would not be a candidate for the parliamentary elections in 2007. I had decided to opt for a more international platform, because I wanted to contribute to the international debate on the emancipation of Muslim women and the complex relationship between Islam and the West.

Now that I am announcing that I will resign from Dutch politics, I would like to thank the members of the VVD for my years in parliament - to thank them for inviting me to stand for parliament, and — perhaps more importantly — for putting up with me while I was there, for this has been in many ways a rough ride for us all. I want to thank my other colleagues here in parliament for their help, although some of our debates have been sharp. (Femke Halsema, thank you especially for that!). I would also like to thank the 30,758 people who in January 2003 trusted their preference vote to a newcomer.

But why am I not remaining in parliament for my full term, until next year’s election?

Why, after only three and a half years, have I decided to resign from the Lower Chamber?

It is common knowledge that threats against my life began building up ever since I first talked about Islam publicly, in the spring of 2002. Months before I even entered politics, my freedom of movement was greatly curtailed, and that became worse after Theo van Gogh was murdered in 2004. I have been obliged to move house so many times I have lost count. The direct cause for the ending of my membership in parliament is that on April 27 of this year, a Dutch court ruled that I must once again leave my home, because my neighbors filed a complaint that they could not feel safe living next to me. The Dutch government will appeal this verdict and I grateful for that, because how on earth will other people whose lives are threatened manage to find a place to stay if this verdict is allowed to rest? However, this appeal does not alter my situation: I have to leave my apartment by the end of August.

Another reason for my departure is the discussion that has arisen from a TV program, The Holy Ayaan, which was aired on May 11. This program centered on two issues: the story that I told when I was applying for asylum here in Holland, and questions about my forced marriage.
I have been very open about the fact that when I applied for asylum in the Netherlands in 1992, I did so under a false name and with a fabricated story. In 2002, I spoke on national television about the conditions of my arrival, and I said then that I fabricated a story in order to be able to receive asylum here. Since that TV program I have repeated this dozens of times, in Dutch and international media. Many times I have truthfully named my father and given my correct date of birth. (You will find a selection of these articles in the press folder). I also informed the VVD leadership and members of this fact when I was invited to stand for parliament.

I have said many times that I am not proud that I lied when I sought asylum in the Netherlands. It was wrong to do so. I did it because I felt I had no choice. I was frightened that if I simply said I was fleeing a forced marriage, I would be sent back to my family. And I was frightened that if I gave my real name, my clan would hunt me down and find me. So I chose a name that I thought I could disappear with - the real name of my grandfather, who was given the birth-name Ali. I claimed that my name was Ayaan Hirsi Ali, although I should have said it was Ayaan Hirsi Magan.

You probably are wondering, what is my real name?

I am Ayaan, the daughter of Hirsi, who is the son of a man who took the name of Magan. Magan was the son of Isse, who was the son of Guleid, who was the son of Ali. He was the son of Wai’ays, who was the son of Muhammad. He was the son of Ali, who was the son of Umar. Umar was the son of Osman, who was the son of Mahamud. This is my clan, and therefore, in Somalia, this is my name: Ayaan Hirsi Magan Isse Guleid Ali Wai’ays Muhammad Ali Umar Osman Mahamud.

Following the May 11 television broadcast, legal questions have been raised about my naturalization as a Dutch citizen. Minister Verdonk has written to me saying that my passport will be annulled, because it was issued to a person who does not hold my real name. I am not at liberty to discuss the legal issues in this case.

Now for the questions about my forced marriage. Last week’s TV program cast doubt on my credibility in that respect, and the final conclusion of the documentary is that all this is terribly complicated. Let me tell you, it’s not so complex. The allegations that I willingly married my distant cousin, and was present at the wedding ceremony, are simply untrue.

This man arrived in Nairobi from Canada, asked my father for one of his five daughters, and my father gave him me. I can assure you my father is not a man who takes no for an answer. Still, I refused to attend the formal ceremony, and I was married regardless. Then, on my way to Canada — during a stopover in Germany — I traveled to the Netherlands and asked for asylum here. In all simplicity this is what happened, nothing more and nothing less. For those who are interested in the intimate details of my transition from a pre-modern society to a modern one, and how I came to love what the West stands for, please read my memoir, which is due to be published this fall.

To return to the present day, may I say that it is difficult to live with so many threats on your life and such a level of police protection. It is difficult to work as a parliamentarian if you have nowhere to live. All that is difficult, but not impossible. It has become impossible since last night, when Minister Verdonk informed me that she would strip me of my Dutch citizenship.

I am therefore preparing to leave Holland. But the questions for our society remain. The future of Islam in our country; the subjugation of women in Islamic culture; the integration of the many Muslims in the West: it is self-deceit to imagine that these issues will disappear.

I will continue to ask uncomfortable questions, despite the obvious resistance that they elicit. I feel that I should help other people to live in freedom, as many people have helped me. I personally have gone through a long and sometimes painful process of personal growth in this country. It began with learning to tell the truth to myself, and then the truth about myself: I strive now to also tell the truth about society as I see it.

That transition from becoming a member of a clan to becoming a citizen in an open society is what public service has come to mean for me. Only clear thinking and strong action can lead to real change, and free many people within our society from the mental cage of submission. The idea that I can contribute to their freedom, whether in the Netherlands or in another country, gives me deep satisfaction.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as of today, I resign from Parliament. I regret that I will be leaving the Netherlands, the country which has given me so many opportunities and enriched my life, but I am glad that I will be able to continue my work. I will go on.

Europe is pathetic!

The past few days have been quite eventful in Europe!

The Daily Mirror discovered that in response to Muslims murdering 52 people in London, the MI5 recruited Al Qaida operatives!

Let me get this straight, they murder us, and so in response, we hire them and give them access to classified intelligence? Amazing!

In Belgium, that cretinous, sick little country a Muslim brutally murders a white boy named Joe Van Holsbeeck, the Belgium government tried its best to cover it up and smear anyone who asked questions as 'racist'. This week a white goth boy, decides to go and kill some immigrants, he shoots a number of people and kills 1 immigrant, in response that cretinous Belgian government condemns not only the crime but the Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Belang because they are the only party in the country brave enough to question immigration and as such must be partly responsible due to their 'racism'. Also the Brussels Journal is threatened with being shut down for 'encouraging' an attitude critical of immigrants and especially Islam! The editor of the journal is also under threat of arrest as I write!

Today, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has resigned from the Dutch Parliament and is moving to the United States. She has literally been driven out of Holland by an alliance of socialists, appeasers and Muslims. Last week a Court evicted her from her home, stating her presence was putting her neighbours in danger, as she is under a death threat or fatwa because of her vocal criticism of Islam, anti-integrationist immigrants as well as her production of the film Submission.
This week the liberal elite has betrayed Hirsi Ali. She has never denied lying to get in to Holland in 1992 after she fled an arranged marriage, but Dutch TV has dredged this up and portrayed it as something new! A scandal! How many others have lied to get into the West? Millions, but they have to turn on the one who has integrated and who fearlessly defends our freedoms!

Well, we can now see the direction we are on, it is vivid, clear as day! We are ruled by traitors, cowards and appeasers, when people speak against Islamic violence, we are silenced, smeared and betrayed. When Muslims murder us, we are silenced, smeared and betrayed.

The governments of Europe no longer deserve our allegiance, they no longer deserve our loyalty. I believe the time for revolution has come, these treasonous scum hate us, they hate our cultures, histories our very beings!

The time has come to rise up against these bastards! Sometimes violence is the only way to rid ourselves of the oppressor!

Yet, I know full well nothing will happen, Europeans will meekly march to their destruction following the treasonous appeasers into the cauldron of dhimmi-dom.

I am finished caring for this continent, it represents the dying past, anyone serious about their futures or those of their children will go to Canada, The United States, Australia or New Zealand.

Europe has already fallen!

What a bad joke!

TERRORISTS from al-Qaeda have infiltrated Britain's security services, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.

Bosses at M15 believe they unwittingly recruited the Muslim extremists after the July 7 suicide bombings in London last year which killed 52 people.

They were signed up as part of a drive to find more Muslims and Arabic speakers to work as spies to help prevent future attacks by Osama bin Laden fantatics.

Spymasters found some of the agents in Britain's universities and colleges and persuaded them to pass on information about suspected terrorists.

But a senior ministerial source has told the Sunday Mirror: "The truth is that it has now been discovered that some of those people have strong links with al-Qaeda.

Read the rest here

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Muslims and lefties can hardly contain their glee!

More eveidence if it was needed of the depths to which this stinking shit hole of a continent has fallen, we have lefties, who are supposed to fight for peoples rights of free speech in alliance with Muslims, who, lets face it are barbaric savages, celebrating the fact that together they have driven Hirsi Ali out of Holland.

This sickens me to the core, it is a clarion call. We who are serious about defending the West against the violence of Islam need to jump this sinking latrine of a continent and go somewhere freedom is appreciated. Hirsi Ali has the right idea, she was willing to fight for Holland, but unfortunatly Holland was unwilling to fight for her, indeed not only did it not fight for her, it actively criticised and slandered her, judges evicted her from her home because she might cause danger to her neighbours and then an immigration minister mused outloud about striping Hirsi Ali of her Dutch citizenship and deporting her!

"She’s no loss to Netherlands - Wiegel

The coming departure of Ayaan Hirsi Ali from the Dutch parliament is “no loss for the Liberal Party (VVD)” or for the Lower House of Parliament, former VVD leader Hans Wiegel said on Monday. He was commenting on the news, Hirsi Ali is moving to the US to work for a political think tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Wiegel, who is known for speaking his mind, told a radio programme Hirsi Ali is a “brave woman” but her standpoints are polarising. He cited her views on the freedom of education and minority groups as examples. “I did not agree with this line,” he said. Wiegel said he did not think much will be heard of Hirsi Ali again once she takes up her job in the US. “That I don’t find so bad,” he said...

Muslim group not mourning

The Contact Organisation for Muslims and Government (CMO) indicated on Monday it was not sorry that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is going to American to work. Her strong attacks on Islam have caused “a lot of damage”, CMO secretary Nasr Joemman said. “I celebrate that she is leaving the Netherlands,” Joemman said. “I hope that by her departure we can move forward with building a harmonious society.”"

Holland has lost what ever residual respect I once had for it, a nation that cravenly appeases the Saracens like it has done deserves no respect. When the time comes it deserves no help or assistance, let the Dutch drown in the consequences of their complacency, laziness and apathy.

That is one country that deserves to be Islamisised!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Ayaan Hirsi Ali forced out of Europe!

Well, they did it, the Muslims in alliance with their communist allies, they have forced Ayaan Hirsi Ali out of Holland!

Well done guys, you are really brave, forcing out a woman who has a death threat on her head, a woman who fled to us for safety and refuge. A woman who last year saw a colleague of her's stabbed to death in the street by an Islamic man of peace and tolerance! A woman who has been threatened for her outspoken criticism, a woman who has risked her life for our freedom!

This continent makes me sick, these communists disgust me to the core of my being, these appeasers, these traitors have forced Ayaan out of her home, then these traitors threaten to deport Ayaan to Somalia for lying to get in to Holland(yeah, like no one lies to get in to a western nation)

They are quite happy to have people preach the murder of Christians and Jews, oh yes that is fine, but criticise immigration or Islam, that to these appeasers and traitors and cowards is unacceptable!


Friday, May 12, 2006

Muslims want us to forget 9/11

Fiza Najeeb of California State Polytechnic University of Pomona tells us that movies like "United 93" make people have a low opinion of Muslims.

"United 93 is the type of movie that evokes emotion in audiences. Along with feelings of shock, sadness and hurt comes a strong sentiment of anger and hate. When something as major as an attack on your country happens, generally, two things are bound to happen.
First, people develop a strong sense of patriotism and unity toward the rest of their fellow citizens. Next, people develop a thirst for revenge toward the perpetrators. In this case, the way this film portrays the antagonists would be those who fit the Muslim profile."

So it seems that it is better for us all to forget that day and pretend it did not happen, or if we do remember that day we had better blame it on a Jewish conspiracy for world dominion or George Bush and his desire for world dominion!

Tiss funny how Muslims still, after almost 5 years refuse to admit the truth! That is was devout Muslims acting for Allah that murdered 3000 people on September 11th. It was not Mossad, the Jews, Christian fundamentalists, the Michigan Militia, George Bush but Muslims that did this.

But we now know that the problem is not poverty, Israeli occupation of 'Palestine' or American 'arrogance' that is the cause of such mass murder, it is the religion of Mohammed itself!

It is the potent mixture of Jew hatred, the powerlessness felt by Muslims who have been whooped by the 'Dirty Jews' in 4 wars, the obvious vitality, potency and creativity in the infidel nations of the West as well as the 'Zionist entity' that pisses these Muslims off so much.

After all does the Koran not tell the Muslims that this world belongs to them? Does it not say that Allah will give over to the faithful the infidel nations along with all their wealth and women?

These Muslims then sit in their homes, surrounded by Islamically authorised paedophilia, wife beating, poverty of mind and soul and they see us in the West with our wealth and privilege. They don't understand how infidels can be so much more wealthier then they are, they are confused by our freedoms and ask, 'how can a culture that allows women, homosexuals and other assorted wierdos freedom to live as they wish be successful?'

Anger and jealousy burns in their hearts and loins. They want our money, our homes, our women, our boys, our cars and trains and cities for themselves, as we Westerners don't deserve any thing due to our unbelief!

Islam has never created anything, it stole everything it has, even their beliefs are a twisted and mutilated blend of Judaism and Christianity, nothing more! They stole Christian, Zorastrian, Hindu and Buddhist lands from the Romans and Persians and Indians and forced the artists and architects and poets of these conquered lands to create for their new masters.

Look at your basic mosque! Architecturally it is based on the design of Eastern Christian Churches, it is not Islamic!

It is this burning jealousy and resentment of our success and the inner unsaid truth of their failure, coupled with a desire to see our culture in ruins and a lust for loot that drives them.

The war between us is very real, however it is denied by the lefties who are in alliance with the savages, they desire the same outcome, our demise!

Islam's place in European history

The Islamic terror began in ‘the terrible summer of 1625’ when North African corsair slave raiders invaded and devastated the southern coasts of England, and for a short while even raised the green battle standard of Islam over English territory that had engraved upon it the terrible promise “The gates of Paradise are under the shade of swords ."

From the coast of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Southern Ireland the Islamic slave raiders murdered and stole away entire villages to be sold into slavery in the Islamic Empire of the East.The slavers in 1625 from that one raid alone then returned to Algiers with a thousand British men, women and children to be sold into slavery. In total the North African Islamic pirates abducted and enslaved more than 1 million – 1.3 million White Europeans between 1530 and 1780 in a series of raids that depopulated coastal towns from Sicily to Cornwall.

To keep the slave population stable, around one-quarter had to be replaced each year, which for the period 1580 to 1680 meant around 8,500 new slaves a year, totalling 850,000 slaves taken. The same methodology would suggest 475,000 were abducted in the previous and following centuries. From 1500 to 1650, when trans-Atlantic slaving was still in its infancy, more white Christian slaves were probably taken to Barbary than black African slaves to the Americas.

Read the rest here

Decay of modern society

Peaceful modern societies which respect the individual evolved from age-old familistic ties. The transition from band-type societies, through clan and tribal organizations, into nation-states was peaceful only when accomplished without disruption of the basic ties which link the individual to the larger society by a sense of a common history, culture and kinship.

The sense of "belonging" to a nation by virtue of such shared ties promotes cooperation, altruism and respect for other members. In modern times, traditional ties have been weakened by the rise of mass societies and rapid global communication, factors which bring with them rapid social change and new philosophies which deny the significance of the sense of nationhood, and emphasize individualism and individualistic goals.

The cohesion of societies has consequently been threatened, and replaced by multicultural and multi-ethnic societies and the overwhelming sense of lost identity in the mass global society in which Western man, at least, has come to conceive himself as belonging.

Read the rest here

Le Pen fined for telling the truth!

The French government has shown that it is ready to punish those who try and warn their fellow countrymen about the perils of Islamic mass migration. Yesterday former Presidential candidate and leader of the French Front National, Jean Marie Le Pen was fined €10,000 (£6,800) after being convicted of inciting “racial hatred” for telling a newspaper in 2003 that Muslims would one day control France.

The ruling by the Court of Cassation came just over two years after Le Pen was originally convicted in the same case. In February 2005, an appeals court confirmed the 2004 ruling against M. Le Pen. In addition the FN Leader was ordered to pay €5,000 (£3,400) in interest and damages to the League of Human Rights, which had filed the suit.

Despite its grand sounding name the League is essentially a minority-supremacist organisation that advances the interests of the mostly North African, Muslim community in France at the expense of liberty and financial cost to majority French taxpayers.

At the very worst, M. Le Pen's comments are a personal opinion which, like all personal opinions are valid in a democratic society, but his words of warning are based on facts, hard facts, facts which the French government would prefer to ignore rather than discuss and tackle. Even if current levels of immigration were to cease, the differential birth rates which exist between French natives and Islamic migrants would mean a Muslim majority some time this century.

Official figures are hard to find because French authorities do not employ ethnic monitoring. 1990
figures showed that Moroccan women were giving birth to 3.5 children; Tunisian women, 4.2 ; compared to just 1.3 for non-Muslim French women. “Telegraph” columnist Barbara Amiel has even suggested that the demographic point of no return will be in 25 years time.

Those of us living under regimes where “the truth is no defence”; whether France, America or the UK, every one of us who is prepared to discuss openly the dangers facing our respective nations faces censure and punishment from the tyranny of political correctness.

Words of wisdom

"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence."

Albert Einstein

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Islam : The religion of backwardness!

Islam does not invent things. It borrows them, steals them, or figures out how to jerry-rig some device that will allow them to proceed making the world over for Allah. In fact, martial mechanics has been Islam's primary interest in the West, always. Otherwise, the infidel dogs are of no use.

Read the whole article here

The plan for Islamic conquest found in Switzerland

A document was recovered in a raid by Swiss authorities in November 2001, two months after the horror of 9/11. Since that time information about this document, known in counterterrorism circles as “The Project”, and discussion regarding its content has been limited to the top-secret world of Western intelligence communities.

The raid was conducted by Swiss law enforcement at the request of the White House in the initial crackdown on terrorist finances in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

Included in the documents seized during the raid was a 14-page plan written in Arabic and dated December 1, 1982, which outlines a 12-point strategy to “establish an Islamic government on earth” – identified as The Project. The unsigned document was prepared by “Islamic researchers” associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

What makes The Project so different from the standard “Death of America! Death to Israel!” and “Establish the global caliphate!” Islamist rhetoric is that it represents a flexible, multi-phased, long-term approach to the “cultural invasion” of the West. Calling for the utilization of various tactics, ranging from immigration, infiltration, surveillance, propaganda, protest, deception, political legitimacy and terrorism, The Project has served for more than two decades as the Muslim Brotherhood “master plan”. As can be seen in a number of examples throughout Europe – including the political recognition of parallel Islamist government organizations in Sweden, the recent “cartoon” jihad in Denmark, the Parisian car-burning intifada last November, and the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London – the plan outlined in The Project has been overwhelmingly successful.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali interviewed on TV

Tax cuts and tax hikes!

Peter Costello, the Australian Treasurer yesterday
cut tax by about Aus$40 billion!

He cut the levels of tax paid by pretty much everyone and increased spending!!!!

This is interesting, Australia has for a number of years done well out of the booming Asian economies, it has used this wealth, not by wasting it on benefits for scroungers, but by cutting taxes and raising personal thresholds.

In England we have a leader of the Conservative Party telling us he is going to RAISE taxes!

How is this guy thinking? Does he not understand basic economics? The law of diminishing returns? The danger of high taxes? The waste and immorality of welfare?

Peter Costello now tells those lucky Aussie bastards that they can expect MORE tax cuts in the coming years!

Tell me, why o why am I still living in England?

More EUtopian anti-sense!

The EU has, in its infinite wisdom, decided to go ahead with the spirit, if not the form, of the European Constitution which was decisively rejected by the French and Dutch peoples in 2005.

The conference will discuss how to hood wink the good people of Europe in to accepting the Constitution. The following are some points they will discuss:

  • The ending of national police forces. They will now answer to our masters in Brussels
  • A unified Defence and Foreign policy(ie: anti American & anti Israeli)
  • Brussels controlling immigration to Europe(ie: more Islamic and black immigration)
  • Single tax rates(ie: tax increases to pay for the immigrants and politicians)
  • The beginning of a second round of ratification of the EU constitution

Our masters in the EU consider that a referendum is not the best way of ratification 'because the experience shows, as it was the case in France, that numerous citizens taking part in the referendum do not vote on the subject but on the Government.'

ie: Those idiots don't know what a good life we lead, they don't understand how wonderfully 'diverse' Europe is now because of their 'vision' and 'humanity' by allowing unrestricted immigration into what was once fair Europe.